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Jeremy Kashnow


"The intermission between sets. Set break is a time for socializing,
fine-tuning setlists, and meeting friends to share the second set with. The
hallways fill up with people in various altered states and circles form for
Heads who want to share pipes, backrubs, or conversation (often about the
first set). Long lines form in front of the women's bathrooms, and women frequently
infiltrate the men's rooms in pairs. Some Heads rest on their backs near the
cool of doorways to the outside, while others buy stadium food or share elaborate
meals that they have brought in. WHARF RATS hold meetings for sober Heads
during the set break, and the DRUM CIRCLES can reach ecstatic peaks as the
drumming and chants get louder and louder as the second set nears."

- Skeleton Key: A Dictionary For Deadheads by David Shenk &
Steve Silberman

Vision celebrates community.  When I finished my Master's degree
last year, I decided to focus my skills on the development of tools to support
the live music community.  I intended to build this site as a portal
to provide a central space for people to find any information related to live
music.  This project was put on hold, however, when Grateful Dead Productions
approached me with an offer I couldn't refuse.  Almost a year later,
and with a sparkling new spreading music around the world, I once
again have the time to focus on setbreak.

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Jeremy Kashnow

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